30 Before 30 DONE! Now to Become… 31 Before 31


Dear Reader(s),


You lot are fantastic. I can’t wait to give you the full details on what I have accomplished, what I have not been able to accomplish, what’s going on the new list and what didn’t make the cut.

I also need to update you on my amazing 3rd Birthday Party with pass the parcel, face painting and musical statues and soooo many vodka jelly shots.

New Post, New List and Updated Blog currently under construction…. Expect a full update soon.


As always many thanks,


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One Month until Deadline

Dear Reader(s), 

How are you?

Again apologies I haven’t been on here for a while….. check other blogs for bigger apologies. Let’s just get on with it.

So, I have updated the list, here it is:


Let’s not beat around the bush, let’s just lay it all out there, as of today I only have 10 items completed, that’s 20 items remaining. That’s not great. On the positive side that’s a third of the way through. On the downside it would appear that I should probably start merging my tasks together to have any chance of completing them all on time. So the new plan then would be:

  • to guzzle red wine, whilst getting a tattoo
  • win an eating contest in order to break a record
  • go to an epic road trip in a day to three beaches / national parks
  • go back in time and delete ‘lose two stone’ from the list
  • complete a self-defence class at Costa Coffee
  • Finish my story whilst, identifying and refining my party trick.

Or,  and I think you might like this…

What if I add an item after my 30th Birthday and it becomes a 31 before 31 and we can just keep going. I like the list. Although I only managed 10 it’s nice to keep a track of what my wants and my accomplishments (however minimal). I think that we can all agree that continuing with this,  would be fantastic.

In the mean time how about an update?

What about the story of when the boiler broke and the toilet broke, and my other half had to leave for a meeting and I had no where to pee? Or how about the scandal of my cupcakes being sold at a local fair for only 30p! 30p for one of these?


Check out My Buns


No filer! But 30p! I mean really. Unfortunately they were too good and all sold out, and now the Charity Committee own me and I am tied in to every seasonal fair, fayre and fait.

What about the time I went to the cake show and saw what I think is one of the best cakes ever (there were some amazing cakes there but look at this!)


Sorry I don’t know who made this, but you are incredible.

What about that time I got new wigs ‘n’ gigs?


There you go, it’s still pretty cold in this house, but hopefully there will be a new boiler in situ tomorrow. It would be nice not wearing so many layers, having a hot bath and doing the pots without seven rounds of kettle boiling.

Thanks as always for reading,

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Couple More Towards the List (Never Going to Make It)

Dear Reader(s), 

How are you today? Did you enjoy your weekend? I certainly did. 

Between this weekend and last I managed to get another couple of things ticked off the ol’ list.

For example:

Visit 5 National Parks. So technically it isn’t a National Park but, to my mind it was close enough. Here check out for yourself, what do you think? That’s another step closer to hitting 5 in total.


IMG_4427 IMG_4425 IMG_4419

Yesterday, I went on a Mountain Bike again for the first time in a decade. There are no pictures, and thank the gods for that. It wasn’t pretty.

I can remember why I left it so long.  I am still not sitting right. In another 10 years I should be good to go again. (Note to future self, extra padding is extra comfort).

I know what you are thinking; with less that 5 months to go,I’m never going to hit everything on the list. Well, aren’t you a pessimist? You are also correct but guess what? I have loved having a blog and a list so much, that I am going to add more tasks each year and so there will be a 31 before 31 a 32 before 32 and so on and so forth. Every year I will add more to make sure that I have enough new ones to make it interesting and I would love it, if you would continue to be a part of it, because I have a feeling it’s going to get interesting.

In the mean time, I am about 4 short stories behind. But that’s ok because I have been writing them (sort of… well 1 maybe 2) but they are not on here yet because I am submitting them for competitions. Don’t worry I am not expecting anything to come of it, I know I have a long way to go, but why the hell not? Give it a go. That’s what I say.

It’s hotting up to be a pretty exciting 2014 for our lot over on this side of the world. There are at least 4 30th Birthday parties, 4 weddings (at the last count), baby showers and who only knows what else. I may not be looking good for completing the list but I have the absolute best excuse in the world. I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people who want me to share in their world and as soppy as it sounds, I freaking love it…

and so what I am trying to say, is that it’s there fault.  But for now lets crack on.


As always many thanks, I just hope you enjoy reading this half as much as I enjoy writing it.

Mwah x

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Whoops – We Lost a Month Or Two There

Dear Reader, 

Firstly, may I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2014. 

Secondly, may I offer my apologies for not having written to you sooner. Rather embarrassingly, it seems that the last time I blogged it was in October. 

Third, I am a good couple of short stories down. This will be rectified. However there is the slightly larger issue of not having completed hardly any of my 30 before 30 tasks, and there are less than 5 months remaining. (I have updated it though, so feel free to check it out).

Fourth, on the plus side, we are all moved in and the house looks gorgeous (apart from two rooms) and I have written, and edited my first ever book! Ok so it’s only 25,000 words (only! Are you freaking kidding me, that was mammoth) and so technically it comes under the heading of ‘Novella’ but do you know when the last time I finished something was? No me either. It’s a tad cheesy but I have been updating FB and Twitter with regards to the Novella status and thanks to all the comments and words of encouragement I was able to complete it. Just hope that I get the same level of support for my second one, (which I have already started!)

Let me fill you in on some of the things you missed (because I didn’t blog about them) from the last two months. 

Here is the first piece of artwork I have made for the new house. 


Stunning I know, I am such the talent. 

We (dad and husband) decorated many rooms in the house. I helped.


In case you were interested my wardrobe choices when decorating include the jeans that you can see, with bright red flip-flops, t-shirt and shower cap. MORE Stunning.

The big news, I ran out of teabags. 


Obviously, quite a standard thing to run out of teabags, but to run out of 1200 teabags? In approx 4 months? Lets do the math. For arguments sake, and simplicity lets say there were 30 days a month. 1200 / 4 / 30 = 10 cups of tea a day.  This does not include, drinks made for other people, or drinks I have drunk elsewhere. 

So is 10 cups of tea a day too many? If so, by how many? Do I have a tea drinking problem? It’s the New Year so now is the time to tell me. Don’t get me wrong I am almost definitely not going to do anything about it. I love tea so much. 

What else happened? Oh yes I cooked Christmas Dinner for 11. What’s particularly interesting about this, is the fact that I had never cooked a Christmas Dinner before. 

The turkey would cook 16-18 people and was kindly purchased by mum. However the first sign that there might be a slight problem was when I was informed that the turkey did not fit in her freezer. That’s ok she found someone else’s freezer to house it. 

Also, there was no prep done as to measurements and whether or not it would fit in my single oven. Did you know that they take about 2 days to defrost? That’s right, my kitchen just had a random turkey sat on the side for 48 hours, much like a mascot. I would talk to it, and pat it. I miss it now. The kitchen isn’t the same. Before that however, I read up on how to cook and prepare said turkey and found that the crucial thing was to calculate the cooking time based on the weight. Fine. Not a problem. Small problem there is no weight on the turkey. The weight is not listed anywhere. Honestly thought that I would have to stand on the scales with it. However in the defrosting process the sticker with the weight details had fallen off. We found it thought so… phew! In the turkey went. Fun fact friends, a turkey that can feed 16-18 people is big and freaking heavy, and when you start cooking it, it gets heavier and heavier. So yes, it fit in the oven… just. But it took a team of two to remove the turkey for basting purposes. A small number of burns later, and my entire house smelt lovely.

Luckily my sister was on hand to help on the day and between the two of us, we managed to create something edible that to the best of my knowledge, didn’t poison anyone. So yay!

It’s understandable then surely, as to why I haven’t blogged since October.

No? Of course you’re right that’s no excuse. Maybe, just maybe I will make up for it in the New Year. Only time can tell on that one.

In other news Calvin Klein released a new perfume called ‘Down Town’. This is still and probably will always be funny to me. 


Exciting News – 

Carpet on the stairs can you believe it!


So there you have it, we are all up to date and ready to face the brave and exciting new world that 2014 has to offer. 

I hope that your’s is a happy and healthy 2014 (or as much of those things as it can be). Myself, I am not a big fan of NYE but am with family, sparkling rose and kir royale so I will be fine.

Best wishes

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Update and Near Death Experience

Hi everyone,

How are we all this evening?

I am due to post my next short story (I haven’t forgotten about the missing short story either). But lately I have been too busy with my many other tasks.

For example:

  • In communication with Guinness World Records about setting up my own record.
  • Busy making a house a home.
  • Completing my online course (also managed to get onto an ILM course at work as well so it’s quite busy)
  • Trying to generate my story ideas.

As well as all of this I have also been:

  • Generally playing silly buggers (this is a daily occurence but not always with a masquerade mask)
  • Watching my friends complete Tough Mudder (it was hard work, I was shattered)
  • Working on my Party Ring addiction (it’s going really well!)
  • Getting attacked by a heron whilst going for a quick walk to “Stretch My Legs” (actually said that… aged a decade).
  • Baking cakes for peeps.

Here is the proof:



Yep, that’s a heron, right on the path. I genuinely didn’t know who had right of way.


Just a little button cake.

Ahhh, so that’s why she’s not been blogging.

Between all of these things LIFE happens as well. This includes my optician telling me I don’t blink properly and as such my eyes are drying out, “your lids barely close”, to a near death experience in IKEA, which for me I would expect to actually take place in the store but no it was quite mundane. An oil spill in the car park on a dark and rainy day meant that the car gently skidded into the curb. No harm no foul, but scary as balls. (Side note: need to work on my descriptions if seriously considering writing a book!)

So there you have it, a full and comprehensive update (I am sure that you agree).

Until next time (hopefully with at least one short story).

Many thanks,

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Embarrassing Stories

Dear Reader(s),

How does this Sunday find you? Are you recovering from a busy weekend socialising? Have you been working?

I have published another short story. It has two titles because I honestly couldn’t decide on which one to use. It is called: It Could Happen Too Easily / Semi-Autobiography and if you want to you can read it here:


Of all the horribly embarrassing things that happen in this short story I can confirm that at least two have happened to me and maybe on a later blog I will tell you which two.

With this Short Story I wanted to try writing from a Third Person Perspective, if it doesn’t read as easily as it should, well that’s because I am still learning.

My official reviewer declared that the story was in parts, almost too cringe-worthy embarrassing, which is good because that’s what I was going for.

Let me know what you think, and as always many thanks,

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As a Thank You here is a picture of some ducks.


Oh ok, as an extra special thank you here is a picture of me on a canal concerned about cows whilst wearing a moustache.