The List (updated 07.06.14 – did not meet original deadline!)

  1. Write a book – still ongoing – Yep still ongoing. 
  2. Finish the Marple Story – F*** Yes. Finished 30.12.13
  3. Write 12 Short Stories (as close to one a month as possible) (that’s technically 12 things) – I published 4 of them so… ok yes will keep this on the list.
  4. Buy a House done July 2013
  5. Make a House a Home – ongoing all the major bits completed in time for Christmas
  6. Do something nice / surprise a friend or family member once a month (technically that’s 12 things) – still ongoing (won’t ever stop)DONE and this was the easiest one of the lot.
  7. Write about all of this – hence the blog definitely done, even if it tapered off a bit towards the end.
  8. Complete a Crazy Charity Event (between June – November) – erm I didn’t, not really
  9. Complete a Second and Different Crazy Charity Event (between December and May – ok so I already know what I would like to do – I want to do a parachute jump) I would do more but don’t want to be constantly asking people for money. – or this one.
  10. Go Camping (for the first time since Guides!) – Completed 29th June 2013 Boom!
  11. Go to my first ever music festival (even if it is Headliners at Etherow Park) – Yep not done this one either. Might wait a couple of years and just go straight to Glastonbury.
  12. Settle on which Rosé wine I like the most Zinfandel or Grenache (this is clearly just a clever way of drinking) but the answer is Zinfandel! – DONE! – decided right now. 
  13. Take part in breaking and/or setting a new record. (ideally world record) still ongoing – this WILL happen.
  14. Organise a kick ass 30th Birthday that will be ME through and through (i.e. wig party and bouncy castles, pass the parcel etc.) – Hells Freaking Yes! I held a 3rd Birthday Party with pass the parcel, musical chairs and face painting. 
  15. Get another tattoo – still not sure what. – Still undecided, this is a not a decision you can rush into you know?
  16. Try and become a sophisti-ma-cated red wine drinker (even though I think it tastes like vinegar) – will continue to try.- Courtesy of good friends, this is in progress. I hope to be sophist-ma-cated soon enough!
  17. Complete a self-defence class – Really don’t know how I didn’t complete this one. I have friends that can really help me out with this and still didn’t manage it. But that’s ok, it can move onto the new list. 
  18. Give away my Costa Coffee Loyalty Card to a homeless person every time there is enough on it for a drink and a sandwich. This may not be possible to do that often as I will have to curb my coffee addiction in order to save money. – Ohhh yes as suspected never had enough money to buy enough coffee’s to get enough loyalty points. But that’s ok I have decided that the rare times I do go, (about once every two months) I will buy my coffee and put £5 on a gift cards and then just keep hold of them to hand out to homeless people as and when. So let’s keep this on the new list. 
  19. I would like to lose at least one if not two stone before I am 30 (this will be the hardest thing on here I am sure of it). – Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahhaha *Snort hahahahahahahhahahaha. Not even sure I want to keep this on the new list. 
  20. I would love to say travel but frankly I know that we wont be able to afford it, so instead I will ask to go to 5 beaches or National Park’s that I have never been to before (technically that’s five things) – oh so nearly done this one. 
  21. Take a class – hmmm could be dancing, could be DIY, could be mechanics let’s see where the wind takes me – doing an online class currently
  22. Find a, and develop a, party trick (preferrable one that is not rude) so far all I have is making a wookie sound, like chewwy (ongoing). Have totally nailed the Chewwy noise. Going to consider this one done. 
  23. Get back on a mountain bike (not done that since I was 12) – I did this. I went on a free adult course. I did it!
  24. Learn to NOT be afraid to roller skate… and then roller skate (obviously). completed 3rd August 2013.
  25. Enter a pie / hot dog / donut / eating contest (this really isn’t going to help 19) – Hahaha once again courtesy of good friends, a donut eating competition was completed at my birthday party. I will blog about this and tell you all about it. But consider this one done. 
  26. Create a piece of art for the new house – completed in October 2013. 
  27. Try and take part in as many people’s 30 before 30 lists as possible (this could be one of the fun-er tasks)certainly did try.
  28. Write to myself, to be read when I am 40 Will do this now. 
  29. Update, manage and maintain the list – Done – but lets keep this blog alive!
  30. Keep laughing smiling and encouraging others to do the same (vague but a nice way to live my life not sure how I would document that though) – always and so it will continue.

16 out of 30 done.


New List currently being prepared…. let’s get excited about the 31 before 31.



2 thoughts on “The List (updated 07.06.14 – did not meet original deadline!)

    • Great minds must think alike. The day before you wrote this I was roller skating! I am not very good and my ankles were killing me afterwards but it was amazing. We went to Skate City in Stockport (I am about to blog about it in great detail) but it’s great to know that there is another one to go to. Will definitely be going again so will probably rock up to Arcadia next time. 🙂

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